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Antenatal Sessions: £80

These can be tailored to your specific questions, concerns and needs and include Birth Prepartion, recovery, breastfeeding and newborn care.  I include follow up signposting and resources.

Birth package: £1,000

Includes two antenatal sessions, ongoing Phone & Email support from the start of the agreement, on-call support from 37 weeks and one postnatal debrief visit

Postnatal attendance: £25 per hour

I ask for a £300 deposit, equivalent to 12 hours support, in advance to book postnatal care.  Following on from this, I offer continued 2-3 hour sessions, billed at the end of each week, to meet your needs, usually for up to 6 weeks.  These sessions include home support, breastfeeding support, errands, signposting and resources.

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