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Free Consultation 

We always begin with a free interview to discuss your unique situation. 

I will listen to your story and build your doula support around you.

Antenatal Support 

I will actively listen to your story, your hopes, expectations, concerns and questions

and be able to discuss how to make evidence-based, informed decisions for your birth and care of your baby.

Antenatal sessions are then tailored to support your own choices and cover physiological, emotional and practical preparation you will need.  If you need particular support to navigate the maternity care system I can also accompany you for appointments or debrief with you afterwards. 

The experience of knowing you are supported in your choices can brings a deep-seated and calming confidence that all women deserve as they journey towards birth and parenting.

Holding Hands

Birth Support 

I can accompany you during your birth and offer support, continuous presence, comfort measures, evidence-based information and support for you to make decisions about your own body and baby.


Postnatal Support 

I can guide you, with knowledge & experience, through the puzzles of feeding, caring for, settling and bonding with your baby.


Practical : 

My presence in the early parenting weeks can be an opportunity for you to access the self care that every new mother needs:  a shower in peace, a good rest, a home-cooked meal, an errand run for you so that you can stay in your pjs or a round of clean laundry which otherwise seems a task too many.  I can support your partner and help with visitors & announcement planning.



I will be there for you : to listen & help you plan the start of your parenting journey so that you are safe in the knowledge that you are supported in your choices and will grow in confidence to be the mother you want to be.  I understand that opportunities to talk thinks through, to laugh & to cry are fortifying, empowering & all precious parts of the building up of new parents.



During the early weeks you may need to access resources to support your healing or your baby.  I can support you in identifying the local network that meets your needs and enable you & your baby to thrive.

Following on from a 'golden month' of nurturing care at home, many mothers experience a more adventurous spirit & recognise a need for networks, community and activities to support & engage them.

I can help you in this process by reviewing your needs with you, sharing contacts & accessing the right local resources for your family.  We would be building up your village, strengthening your roots & helping you make the best of your early parenting years.

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